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10 Effective Leadership Principles That Will Skyrocket Your Career

What separates the world’s best leaders from other?

To be a great leader, first become a great person,” leadership guru motivational speaker Robin Sharma said.

Motivational speaker and leadership guru Robin Sharma. (MindValley.com)

He believes that authentic leadership does not require a position. You can start being a leader at any level in your company.

To help you lead without a title, Sharma shares his ten most important and effective leadership principles. He teaches to his global corporate clients like Starbucks, IBM, Nike.

Leadership Principle #1: Servant Leadership Is The Most Effective Form


What does leadership mean to you?

Sharma often fondly remembers his dad’s advice:

“Robin, when you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Son, live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.”

To truly be a leader has nothing to do with ego-stroking, applause and fame.
To lead is to serve.

The best leaders make phenomenal contributions that make the world better, in the long term.

Leadership Principle #2: The Leader’s Job is to Develop More Leaders


“If you are not developing more leaders, then you are not leading,” Sharma said. You are following by keeping the status quo.

Your job, regardless of whether or not you have a title, is to inspire people to own their talents, express their gifts and do the best work of their lives. This is what it truly means to lead.

Leadership Principle #3: Success Starts With You


Dream big and start small. But begin today.

Nothing happens until you take the first step.

Procrastination is nothing more than the defense mechanism of choice used by scared people.

Here’s the deal:

If you actually did your goals and acted on your vision, you would become very successful.

Great success brings much responsibility. But this frightens most of us. So we put off getting great things done to avoid it. Then we would blame the world for any mediocrity that infuses our lives.

Your leadership journey starts now.

So be proactive. Solve problems. Start now.

Leadership Principle #4: Your Behavior Reveals Who You Really Are


A charismatic leader’s actions speak louder than words.

So you show the world what you believe by how you behave. Your behavior unmasks your true character.

Complaining all day long reveals that you are powerless and apathetic, which could deeply rooted in your set of beliefs.

Mistreating others reveals that you are selfish and disconnected from the beautiful humanity that surrounds you.

But there is hope:

As you wear the beliefs of leadership, your behavior changes automatically and character grows exponentially.

Leadership Principle #5: Having Success is a Choice


“Why me?”

Victims make excuses while leaders drive exceptional results.

You can spot a victim a mile away because they complain and blame others. They are negative and cynical.

They give away their power to achieve amazing things to other people and circumstances because they conditioned themselves to believe that they have none.

You are not a victim.

You are a winner – if you choose to be.

If you had a rough day today, don’t sweat.

Dust yourself off. Sleep well tonight.

And try again tomorrow.

Every morning is a chance to start anew.

You become more powerful as you choose to be successful more often.

Leadership Principle #6: Nurturing Relationships Is More Important Than Money


Would you follow someone you do not trust?

Probably not. Maybe if you were forced to.

Leadership is about relationships, not you.

Leadership is about your team, not you.

Leadership is about people, not you.

The smartest, fastest and most effective leaders are masters of empathizing with people.

They strategically lead by example, passionately develop teammates, and loyally serve customers.

Sharma says that great opportunities will come your way, if you do these:

  • Be an expert listener.
  • Inspire your team and do nice things for them.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Be the most generous person you can be.

The result?

Effective leaders develops their team to be the best that they can be and have loyal followers.

Leadership Principle #7: Respect Is Earned. Work For It


A title, position and a large office do not guarantee people to respect you.

You must earn it.

And the quickest way to earn respect is to lead by example.

If you want your team to be punctual, then attend your meeting before anyone else.

If you want your team to be more creative, then give them ways to let loose after work.

If you want earn their respect, then give it first.

Leadership Principle #8: Ideas Are Worthless Without Execution. Teamwork Is Key


Why is teamwork important in leadership?

Because it is better to have a have an average idea that your team can flawlessly execute than to have a genius-level idea with poor execution.

The most successful leaders and their organizations believe in “less talk and more do.”

Less meetings and more delivery.

Less analysis and more rolling up of sleeves and getting amazing projects done.

Yes, status meetings and analyses are important. But these are useless if nothing has been acted upon. There would be nothing to update nor analyze.

Leadership Principle #9: Being Busy Does Not Mean Being Productive


Sharma says that we live in the Age of Dramatic Distraction.

Most professionals are spending the absolute best hours of their days being busy on being busy.

We Are Social observed that Filipinos spend 3 hours and 57 minutes a day on social media sites, mainly on Facebook.
The top leaders are completely different.

Sharma teaches his clients a system to significantly increase productivity. Here are some of his tips:

  • Start your day at 5 am
  • Set 5 daily goals and get them done before leaving the office. That is 1,850 “small wins” in 12 months.
  • Use your first 90 minutes at work to fuel your most important project
  • Be a master of focus. Get good at saying “no.”

Leadership Principle #10: You Achieve More When You Learn More

DMKompass Facebook Page

What is common among all top business leaders, Microsoft founder like Bill Gates, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Alibaba founder Jack Ma?

They love to learn new knowledge and skills.

Sharma teaches, “To double your income, triple your rate of learning.”


Genius is much more about out-studying, out-preparing, out-practicing and out-learning everyone around you.

Education is your best investment because it yields the most return investment.

Learning increases your competence and confidence because you would have more knowledge and wisdom to share with your team.

So attend business seminars and short courses, like the Certified Professional Mini MBA program.

Read more books. Listen to more audiobooks.

Listen to your mentors.

Stephen Covey said, “Leadership is a choice, not a position.”

So will you choose to lead your team to success, even with no title?

Enroll Certified Professional Mini MBA’s short business course to boost your leadership skills.

This article is based on The Top 10 Things Amazing Leaders Do.
Feature Image: EastTenthGroup.com

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