About Us - Certified Professional Manager
CPM - Asia offers comprehensive professional development training. Gain deep business and leadership insights from global case studies and best practices.
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About Us

Professional Development Training:
Your Competitive Edge

The Certified Professional Manager (CPM) mini-MBA program believes that professional development training is essential for companies to excel in the global business arena. We believe that anyone has the potential to become an effective business leader through the right attitude, education, and perseverance.


The CPM mini-MBA program is a leadership and management short course for entrepreneurs, executives, managers who do not have the resources to pursue a full MBA program.


Our seminars and trainings improve our students’ competence and confidence by meeting our objectives:

  • Educate professional managers with updated and relevant knowledge, skills, and mindsets.
  • Elevate professional managers to become business leaders and grow their company.
  • Ensure CPM alumni meet the Management Profession’s global standards.
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Seminars for Busy Small Business Owners and Professional Managers

Based in Metro Manila, Philippines, our short business management course boasts a roster of reputable speakers (top university professors and industry experts) who share their knowledge, experience, and practical advice for real-world challenges.


Held on 8 Saturdays (half-days), our comprehensive mini MBA certificate program fosters leadership and decisiveness, making our alumni more competent and confident in facing various challenges.


Our alumni may also apply for the Certified Professional Manager (CPM) designation, recognizing their knowledge and skills meet international standards.

International Certification for CPM Mini MBA Alumni

International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM), is the certifying body of the CPM mini-MBA program. IFPM is a global association of more than 80,000 Business Management professionals from various industries. Based in London, IFPM is dedicated to enhancing your management skills and boosting your professional management career.


DMKompass: Official Organizer CPM Mini MBA – Asia

DMKompass Inc., is the official organizer of the CPM mini-MBA program in Asia.


For decades, business owners and managers in the Philippines have sought postgraduate education in top universities. However, many of them do not have the time or resources to complete a full MBA course at these institutions.


DMKompass partnered with IFPM to elevate these busy professionals’ standards to international levels. Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business, or a manager who wants to increase your team’s productivity, our management certification program has the right seminars and training for you.