Alumni Benefits - Certified Professional Manager
Certified Professional Manager – Asia offers a short course in Management that aims to improve your business skills in 8 weeks. Learn from our experts now.
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Alumni Benefits

CPM’s short course improves your business skills and confidence

Certified Professional Manager – Asia’s (CPM) holistic Management training program improves the business skills and confidence of all types of leaders:



Managers and Supervisors

CPM business seminars equip each alumni with practical knowledge, case studies, and insights from our reputable speakers. These make you more competent and confident in dealing with dynamic business challenges.


Based in Metro Manila, Philippines, our certificate program in Business Management boosts your career growth through our culture of innovation, leadership, and strategy.

Special Rates for Advanced Seminars and Training

We believe that excellent Business Management requires continuous education. We also offer advanced seminars and training for business owners and executives. All CPM mini-MBA alumni have a 10% discount for these short courses.

Improve Your Career Growth through Networking

CPM’s culture of Holistic Shared Learning develops our participants to be globally competitive.


In our business training and seminars, we highly encourage CPM alumni and you to discuss business challenges and solutions, and share your personal experiences.


We organize CPM Alumni Networking Events for you to gain more insights from different professions and industries.

International Certification for Management Excellence

The CPM Mini MBA short course offers more than the certificate program in Business Management.


Alumni who attend all 8 modules are eligible to apply for the Certified Professional Manager (CPM) license. This validates that your Management competencies meet international standards.


Licensed CPM alumni enjoy these benefits:

Earn IFPM’s International Certification for Business Management Excellence

Expand your global professional network (IFPM)

Earn Certified Professional Manager (CPM) Designation

Continue MBA course in over 100 partner universities, worldwide

The CPM License is accredited by the London-based International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM).


Licensed alumni join IFPM’s network of 80,000 Professional Managers, worldwide.

Job Openings and Referrals for Licensed CPMs (Locally and Abroad)

Through IFPM’s growing international network of 80,000 members, you can promote job openings and discover career opportunities, locally and abroad.


Certified Professional Manager – Asia provides Job Search Assistance for licensed CPMs.


CPM alumni enjoy these career opportunities.

Jobseekers – Job placements locally and abroad.

Employers – Local and foreign Talent Referrals among IFPM members.

Apply for the CPM license and join IFPM’s global network and pursue your dream career.

Continue MBA Course in Over 100 Partner Universities, Worldwide

Certified Professional Manager – Asia values holistic and continuous business education because this equips our alumni with a global perspective in facing dynamic challenges.


Licensed CPMs can complete their MBA course in IFPM’s 100 partner universities, worldwide.


A few units will be deducted from the curriculum. The number of units deducted depends on the partner university’s discretion.