CPM License - Certified Professional Manager
Certified Professional Manager - Asia's Mini MBA is an international Business Management certification program in Manila, Philippines (8 weeks, Saturdays).
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CPM License

CPM: International Business Management Certification Program

The Certified Professional Manager (CPM) Mini MBA is an international Business Management certification program for aspiring managers, executives, and entrepreneurs in the Philippines, and in the ASEAN region.


We offer the CPM License, an international Business Management certificate for alumni who complete the whole Mini MBA course (8 modules).

IFPM: CPM’s International Certification Body

The International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM) is the international certification board for the CPM License. This is a global association of over 80,000 Professional Managers, worldwide.


The CPM license validates that your Business Management competencies meet international standards.

Benefits of International Professional Managers Certification

CPM Mini MBA alumni who apply for the CPM License enjoy the following privileges:

Earn the CPM (Certified Professional Manager) designation.

Join IFPM’s global network of 80,000 Professional Managers.

As an employer: promote job openings

As a job seeker: discover job opportunities locally, or abroad.

Applying For The CPM International Certificate of Competence

IFPM has some requirements for applying for the CPM License. All applicants must complete the Mini MBA certificate program (8 seminars) before applying.

Must have at least one (1) year of work experience.

Analyze the case studies provided during or after the business seminars.

Submit the case studies to DMKompass Inc., IFPM’s official organizer in Asia.

Fill out the CPM membership form, provided by DMKompass Inc.

All applicants must pay an annual membership fee of Php 7,000 to DMKompass Inc. *

Upon completing the short business course, all applicants must submit the requirements (above) within a year (starting on the date that they completed the training).

*All registered CPMs are required to pay a renewal fee of Php 7,000.


*Members are NOT required to retake the CPM’s case studies to renew their license.


We highly encourage you to take our advanced business seminars to further your professional development. All alumni, with or without the CPM license, enjoy at 10% discount on our advanced training classes for managers, executives, and entrepreneurs.


Your search for a short Business Management course in the Southeast Asia ends with CPM – Asia. With IFPM’s Certified Professional Manager (CPM) designation, you position yourself as a competent and competitive manager for the global business arena.